DIY- Jewelry Stand


Lately I have really been into Pinterest and have been looking at lots of DIY projects. I’m always looking for new, interesting ways to change-up my room. Sadly I am not the tidiest when it comes to my room, meaning I have lots of clutter. To help decrease some of that clutter and get more organized, I decided to make my own jewelry stand. It’s extremely simple, only taking about ten minutes to make.


(3) Plates: (Small, Medium, & Large) I found all these at the thrift store for about $6, but you could also buy them at Target or Wal-Mart if you want all your plates to match.
(2) Candlesticks: I also found these at my thrift store for around $3.
Hot Glue/Super Glue: You can use either, just make sure your glue gun is hot enough or it won’t work. I found the super glue to be easier.


Once you have all your cleaned materials set out, you’re going to start off with your largest plate and one of the candlesticks. Place glue around the rim of the smaller end of the candlestick and place it in the center of the large plate. After the piece is set, place glue around the larger end of the candlestick. Then you place the medium plate on top, making sure it’s on center.


When the glue has set, you begin the process again with the other candlestick and the small plate. If you’re worried about your plates not being centered, you can measure and mark off the correct placement.For myself, I chose to wing it and it turned out alright. If you do decide to wing it, I suggest standing above your plates. It will make it more noticeable if you’re plates are not aligned.


After this, you’re ready to display your jewelry. It’s such a practical DIY, but still cute! There are many ways to change this up and make it your own. If you want, you could add another tier or exchange a plate for a bowl. If you don’t like the patterns on the plates, you could spray paint them different colors. If you are really artistic, you can buy some white plates and paint your own design. Anything to make this project show your own style.


I really enjoyed making this tutorial. So If you guys liked this, let me know and I’ll be sure to put together some more.

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Author: Olivia Viktora

Olivia is the one-woman show behind Olive + Viktor.

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