East Side Girl


Whenever I find myself thinking of where I want to live, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that it will be in the city. Whenever I see those skyscrapers and old architecture, I am absolutely dazzled. One of the places that always draws me in is the east side. This side of town has some the most alluring places and people. It is a place about individuality and creativenes.  When I go here, I discover new and even more interesting places to. There is never enough clothing boutiques and coffee shops there that continue to lure me in. This time my tastes buds led me to a restaurant called Ma Fischer’s for a late breakfast of chocolate-chip pancakes and cocoa. This was added on to my list of the great places to visit in Milwaukee and is definitely the place to go.

Today I found myself dressing for comfort as I found myself on the lakefront for sunrise at 6:00 in the morning. Still feeling the coolness of the end of winter, I layered a graphic-tee over a maroon colored dress and added a studded belt. To keep away some of the chill I stuck it out with basic black tights and some oxford look-a-likes I picked up in a resale shop.
(sorry for the blurriness of myself, my dad is horrible with cameras and it was really windy)

Dress-H&M/ Shirt-H&M/ Belt-H&M/ Tights-Kohl’s/ Shoes-Thrifted

Author: Olivia Viktora

Olivia is the one-woman show behind Olive + Viktor.

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