Fashion in Film: Populaire


When looking at films that best captures the look and vibe of the 1950’s, Populaire would be one of my top choices. Set in France, the movie tells the story of a young woman who moves to the city for work. While there, she meets a man who notices her ability to type fast and enters her into a typing competition As the story progresses, the two begin to form a bond as she works towards competing in the World Championships for speed typing.

I”m afraid the movie is spoken in French. So for all those who don’t like reading subtitles, this may not be the movie for you. Though I must insist you watch, for the wardrobe in Populaire is so spectacular, a little bit of reading is well worth it. Beautiful day dresses with simple, clean-cut styles. And party dresses that feature stunning fabrics and unique details. These dresses having you wishing you were walking along the streets of Paris, dolled up in your best attire. But not only is the women’s fashion shining through, but the men’s as well. With the men wearing handsome suits and ties through out, it may have you wishing that men still dressed that way today.

Fashion in Film: Rock of Ages

rock_of_ages_backplate_homeRock of Agesrock-of-ages-julianne-hough2rock_of_ages_photo_9rock_of_ages_01boneta-hough-shooting-rock-of-ages-04hr_rock_of_ages_23malin-akerman-rock-of-ages-image-400x600Rockyof

There is no doubt in my mind that the 1980’s is at the top of my list for favorite eras. Which is why the movie Rock of Ages is one of my favorite movies for inspiration. Not only does it have singing and a couple of hunks, but it shows of some of the major styles of the 80’s. Julianne Hough plays the character Sherrie who is a girl that comes to Los Angeles looking for love and rock’n roll. Throughout the struggles of the main characters, you see them show off some of their great style. From the leather and studs of the rockers, to the striped pantsuits of the church ladies trying to put a stop to the Strip. This movie defines the music and fashion scene of the 80’s.

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