Prep School


I made it through my first week of classes, and now it’s on to the next. With only one class to go to in person, my schedule is much more open. Besides investing a large amount of time into my online classes, I hope to be more active. Not just exercising, but involving myself in more things. This means leaving the comforts of my dorm room and stepping out into the world.
We already had our first meeting of the year for Her Campus. I am beyond stoked to mention that I will not be in charge of writing for the style section of the Stout charter. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am. I look at this as practice for the future, a great learning opportunity to help better my writing skills.

Dress, Blouse: Forever21
Boots: H&M

Author: Olivia Viktora

Olivia is the one-woman show behind Olive + Viktor.

One thought

  1. So lovely. A wonderful dress…… looks perfect on you. Your smile is sublime. You are always so stylish and chic. Love your hair that way. The bangs are so perfect for you…….
    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan from New England.

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