Like Riding a Bike

This past Monday was a wonderful day spent with my mother. Now with less then two weeks until I leave, I can help but take advantage of this time to spend with friends and family. Mostly this time is spent shopping, getting those last items for my room. But also buying some more additions for my wardrobe. Some of which I am dying to wear, but continue to promise myself to save it for school. In these last weeks I also have several places I wish to visit and will soon miss. That’s why for lunch we enjoyed some burgers and French desserts at Le Reve. This adorable patisserie is one place I am sure I will stop at again for one more taste of their delicious macaroons. The day came to a relaxing close with a movie and a couple of rounds of Mall Madness (it’ll never get old!) with my friend Holly. A quiet evening to precede the exciting day to come, a trip to Chicago.

Shirt:Kohl’s / Banana Republic Skirt:Thrifted / Shoes:Madden Girl via Macy’s / Necklace:Forever21

Author: Olivia Viktora

Olivia is the one-woman show behind Olive + Viktor.

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