In My Armor of Guns and Roses


I am so glad to be posting again. So many things have happened since the last one. In the past weeks I’ve had to sadly leave my wonderful job at Steins due to the season ending and my decision to work at the state fair again this year. I also got in some back to school shopping and picked up a couple new outfits. Which I promised myself I wouldn’t wear until I started school. Something I couldn’t be more excited about, with less than four weeks left. What’s left of summer will be spent getting the last of my list for my dorm room and saying good-byes. I know it will be especially hard saying it to my best friends. Girls that I have known since I was three years old, and attended all 9 years of grade school with. Even when separated throughout different high schools are friendship lasted and even got stronger. Are senior year we struggled through work and sports to make our plans happen. With so little time left together, we really made these moments important. Whether it was eating out at Noodles or just hanging out in the playhouse, they’re great memories. Even with all of us going away and thousands of miles between us, there is no doubt that we won’t always be friends.

Outfit:Kohl’s / Vest:Hand-me-down

(sorry I look so tired in these photos! state fair really takes a lot out of a girl)


Author: Olivia Viktora

Olivia is the one-woman show behind Olive + Viktor.

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