A Penny for Your Thoughts





I’m afraid I have left you all hanging due to the sad fact that I haven’t had time to post. The past couple weeks at work have been crazy and extremely busy. Although I was able to have a delightful weekend just spending some quality time with my friends. As a group we went to see the Great Gatsby, a must see for all those vintage lovers and those who just enjoy a movie masterpiece. As soon as the movie was over we found ourselves having piggy back races in the parking and taking silly photos.

Now for the real topic at hand; thrifting. Sadly enough, there are people in the world who write anything off that wasn’t purchased by them in a store (sometimes for large sums of money). They refuse to wear something due to the simple fact that it was worn by somebody else. I call this a missed opportunity. When you give up the chance to discover something that no one else will have, that is a missed opportunity. For myself, I think of thrifting as a type of adventure. Digging around through flea markets and garage sales is just like a treasure hunt. Sometimes you won’t find the theoretical “X”, but other times you will find “gold”. When searching through shops, I have one goal in mind. My goal is to find those missing pieces withing my closet. The pieces that can just complete a look but you could never seem to find in a store. When I find that special little number, my heart warms and i’m ready to go out for my nest thrift. So the next time you go on your shopping spree, take a spin in a thrift shop. I guanranty you’ll find three “diamonds” for the price of one.



Author: Olivia Viktora

Olivia is the one-woman show behind Olive + Viktor.

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