Where I’ve Been…


Oh’ boy, has it been awhile. It seems as if this summer has just flown by. Even if I still have a month left at home. Though, some of you may have been wondering what I was up to in my absence.

To be honest, I’ve mostly been working. I got a job with a catering company and this is their busiest season. Though it’s been stressful, it’s been nice putting some money back into my savings for when school starts. I have also been working on my resume and some applications in an attempt to secure a job while at school. How else am I to support my shopping habits?

We got a puppy. Last fall we had to put our family dog down. So after some time to heal, I finally convinced my Mother that we needed a new member of the family. Dixie is our 7 month old troublemaker. She is a ball of energy and always has you on your toes.

Just catching up with old friends. I try to take any opportunity to spend time with my friends that chose to pursue their education out-of-state. We all have such different schedules, so every second together is cherished. We know it’s only going to get harder from here on, so we make sure not to waste a chance to hang out.

I don’t like summer. Period. I have about 3 outfits that are appropriate for this type of weather.

Getting projects done. I moved all my furniture up to my apartment last month. Before that, I was busy fixing things up and getting them ready to move. Lots of spray paint was involved.

But, most of all I’ve been relaxing. This past school year took a toll on me emotionally. With plenty of stressful moment and equally rewarding ones, I just needed a break from myself. To take a bit of time to decompress and reevaluate some things. It paid off, because I’m ready to start the year anew.

The Meltdown


Only in Wisconsin can can it go from -10 to 50 degrees in a matter of three days. Though i full admit the warm weather has been much anticipated on my part. The sunny skies had perfect timing, with my spring break starting in only two days.

Skirt/Top/Boots/Belt: H&M
Billabong Jacket: TJMaxx

A Look Back on 2014

new year

So technically this post is a little bit late. I’d actually written it several days ago and wasn’t sure about putting it up. I’m never too sure how personal I want to get on here, but I also think it is important to share my feelings. Because how I feel does affect how I dress and how I write.

2014 was kind of a weird year for me. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t too special either. With a bad room-mate experience, having doubts about my major, and just questioning myself. Something I felt for the first time was that I always needed to be part of the crowd, and always participate. There was this constant feeling that always had to be participating in what the group was doing, because everyone was. I never felt like it was ok to just do my own thing.  I felt that people thought it was strange that I didn’t want to be a part of every group function. And because I was thinking this way, I felt my blog suffered some.

When I have to be honest, I’d much rather be spending my time typing away at my computer than go out partying. And I’m also loving my time as a single gal. This year I had a lot more people pressuring me with the question of “when am I going to get a boyfriend”. But at the moment I’m just not looking for one. I think I still have a lot of learning to do as an individual before I’ll be ready to be part of a relationship. I also love the freedom I have to focus on doing what makes me happy.

. Switching majors has really helped me to reevaluate my life and realize what I really want out of it. I love practicing my camera skills and editing my photos. I think it’s exciting practicing my writing and challenging my capabilities as a writer. i have also realized the time I’m out there being something I’m not, is time I could be chasing my dreams. It’s not that I don’t love my friends and hanging out, but I also love my blog and want to make it my priority at the moment.

I hope to make 2015 a much more positive year. After figuring some things out about myself, I’m approaching the new year with a new confidence. I have a better outlook and things to come and have been thinking of lots of ideas I want to bring to the blog. If you’ve made it to the end of this mush, you’re awesome! Thank you for reading, and here’s to a good year.



I hope you guys had a great weekend, I know I did. The past couple days I got to spend in Milwaukee with my family. It was a short trip for some job training, but it was still refreshing to have some time away out of my small dorm. Most of my time was spent working. But, I made sure to make some time to wander around downtown. I finally got to try a doughnut from a newer shop called Holey Moley. Mine was s’mores and it was absolutely delicious. Anything that looks like chocolate and marshmallow I’ll give a try.