Wilson Ave.



It was only a few short years ago that my wardrobe was made up of vintage garments and thrift shop finds. You could have described my style as an eclectic hot mess that somehow managed to work. I’ve come a long way since then and have been coming into a style that is all my own. Though I don’t wear my retro pieces much anymore, I continue to look for pieces that give me the same spark. People wear vintage, not just for the uniqueness, but for the confidence it brings.

Your clothing should make you feel special. You should never wear a garment that makes you feel anything less than amazing. Some people look at clothing as just something to keep their bodies from being bare, while others see it as just a trend to be followed. I don’t think it is either of those. I think they are beautiful fabrics that have been thoughtfully crafted to show off your personality. Never wear something just because, wear it because it makes you feel like you belong on the set of The Devil Wears Prada or you just had your makeover moment in a cliche drama.

Romper: Missguided, Shoes: H&M


A May Day


(Shirt: Express, Jeans: Hollister, Shoes: ASOS)

How often is it that you get such a beautiful day just two weeks after snow being on the ground? By Wisconsin standards, it’s a miracle. Since these photos were taken I’ve returned home for the summer and glad to take a much-needed break from the stress of school. My finals went well and I am happy for the time to reconnect with my family.

To my joy I will only be home for a week before embarking on some adventures out-of-state. It has been awhile since I went on any kind of vacation and am looking forward to visiting new places. First stop will be the land of flowers in Holland, MI for the tulip festival, a city I’ve been dreaming of visiting for years. Shortly after I’ll be flying out to the west coast for a couple of days. It’s been nearly ten years since I went to California and I can’t wait to explore the city of San Fransisco for the first time.




(Blouse: Forever21, Moto-Pants: Express, Boots: H&M)

As you may know, I am studying journalism at school. This semester has been rough with some new professors. But, I’m starting to get into the flow of things. I have really gotten to put my interview skills to the test as I work on current writing assignments. In the past week alone I have gotten to interview a manager at local vegan coffee shop and a girl from Saudi Arabia. It is stuff like this that gets me excited to start my career in the real world. Part of the reason I changed to this major is because I wanted a career that would allow me to meet many types of people. I enjoy the chance to hear about others lives and experiences. I can only hope that from here on out I can continue to do so.

I am starting the process of applying for internships and it has been a ton of work. I haven’t touched my resume or portfolio in over a year, so I have had to do some serious updating. Though it may be time consuming, it is just more thing that brings me closer to starting my career.




Sweater: Misguided | Jeans: Charlotte Russe | Heels: Lovely Wholesale

Well, let’s jump into things. My birthday, an executive position for Her Campus, joined a new club. These are just a few of the things that have happened since school started. A month in, it has been a great start to the school year. Though I’d hate to admit I have too much free time on my hands, I do. Despite involving myself in some new activities, I’m afraid most of my days are spent curled up in my pajamas. I enjoy it more than one should.

Now let’s forget about that and talk about these shoes. These are honestly the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned. They’ve found their permanent place on feet and I can’t stop wearing them. Can I also mention how cozy this sweater is? I’ve had this hanging in my closet all summer just waiting to be worn. This was my first purchase from them. It won’t be the last.



Can we just talk about how insanely gorgeous this floral crown is? The mixture of colors caught my eye and I made sure to quickly snatch it up. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the floral crown trend. It adds a sense of whimsy to your look. You can’t help but feel especially feminine.

Our lilac bush here at home is in full bloom. I couldn’t resist using the vibrant flowers as my back drop for these photos. Can I mention how good they smell right now too? This is what I love about this season. The bright pops of color and the delicate smell of blossoms make spring so inspiring.

Dress: H&M
Floral Crown: Forever21